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System Upgrades

Facilities grow and operational needs change, electrical power loads increase and the drive to better power quality to protect modern highly-sophisticated equipment and data systems never seems to slow down.  Power Station is experienced in responding to your needs and anticipating problems that could cause you major issues in the future.  We can assist you with upgrades on complete generator set systems, fuel systems, intake and exhaust systems, controls and switchgear.

Power Station can access leading edge technology utilizing modern, electronically controlled, low emmision engines that are designed for today's stringent operational criteria.  From 10kW to 2000kW we can assist you in choosing the right system and supplying the most suitable equipment to meet your operational and budgetary requirements.

Our controls knowledge is well-respected in the industry and we pride ourselves on having some of the best people to call upon for upgrades, retrofits and new installations.  Control systems have seen an incredible drive to greater sophistication and system management due to the greater level of facility technology and integration.

Call us for a consultation or a cost-effective on-site system appraisal.