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Load Testing

Resistive load testing checks that your generator set can actually take its rated load for a predetermined time without over-heating or shutting down.  All critical engine systems are monitored and checked during the load test and after the cool down period.  Provincial and national codes require that generators which support life safety systems be tested annually. Power Station has a cost-effective innovative mobile approach to on-site testing that will meet your responsibilities under code and meet your budget and time restraints.

Some of the important measurements monitored are as follows:

  • Full 3-Phase measurements of Volts, giving phase to phase and phase to neutral values
  • Full 3-Phase measurements of Amps
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Kilo Watts (kW)
  • Kilo Volt Amps (kVa)
  • Power Factor (pf)
  • Maximum and minimum values Volts and frequency variations

Alternator megger testing ensures that alternator winding insulation is within specifications. Low readings indicate that moisture absorption has occurred that leads to power loss and possible failure.  Ask us for more details on megger testing and how we can protect against it and provide remedial service.