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LEGA Power Generation

Power Station is the exclusive distributor for Ontario & Alberta for the full range of LEGA Power Generation products from 5 kW to 2 mW.

LEGA is one of the world's largest generator set manufacturers offering high quality generator sets using Perkins, Iveco & Cummins engines, Stamford alternators and Deep Sea Control panels.

The LEGA product line allows Power Station to meet the growing demand for power generation systems with the quality and value our customers demand. The Perkins, Iveco, Cummins and Stamford names are already well respected and accepted by the industry and we plan on building the LEGA brand into a well respected name in the North American market. LEGA also ideally complements our established product lines of TTI, Stamford & ASCO.

Please contact us directly to request a quotation or for some expert advice on generator set sizing and selection.

Lega Genset
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